Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania is the optimal destination for a safari. The tranquillity of the ancient national parks will allow you to revitalize from the moment of arrival. The vast amount of plant and animal species ensure that no day is like the other. It is home to the plains of the infamous Serengeti National Park, the breath taking Ngorongoro Crater, the canopies of baobabs at the Tarangire National park and Lake Manyara which features tree-climbing lions. Tanzania safaris are assured to exceed every expectation you have.

Best Time To Visit

Our tours are located in the desired destination, the Northern Circuit, which can be visited all year round. To ensure that the wildebeest migration is completely experienced, it is recommended that you go during the peak visiting season which occurs during the dry months from June to October.

Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Patterns

The recurring migration of wildebeest within the Serengeti and Maasai Mara/Kenya is exclusive to this area. The Wildebeest are constantly in search of the finest grazing areas and fresh water. Experts make inferences on the route that the herd follows but migration is largely determined by the rainfall. The journey begins in April when the heard starts to migrate to the North. In September they must face the most hazardous part of their journey – crossing the Mara River. In October they move towards the south and return in time for the light rain season from November to December. They settle in the south from the beginning of the year until March. This is the period when calves are born.

There Are Different Ways To Experience Tanzania Safaris

Everyone has a precise image of the ideal safari holiday and we are able to assist you in meeting these expectations whether that entails sipping champagne at a luxurious lodge or connecting with the land by camping is entirely up to you.

The Big Five

The Big Five – images of ferocious lions, elephants trumpeting, charging rhinos, lurking buffalos and leopards prowling in the savannah should be racing through your mind. These are amongst some of the main attractions of safaris in Tanzania.



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